Neither Silver Or Gold

Obsession with riches of divers form has become a leviathan problem among the races, almost every endeavor is gaited with the hidden motive of personal or national enrichment. Relationships between persons and nations are coffin closed, what is sealed inside is the money. We base social interactions on “what do you have” or “what can I gain” and true friendship is lost in this swamp of poor ethics. With all this insanity going on the earth environment has sank into the lowest tone.

The human animal is just another thing to be used as a route to monetary ends. There is no in- depth look on what human life is all about. Employers see employees as some kind of burden they have to settle at the end of each month. Very few understand that the employees are the life blood of any establishment. Without the devoted workers nothing large can be executed, no one man can multitask on a grand scale. Yet the attitude is terrible as if possessed by some evil essence that blinds people to the nature of reality.

Neither silver or gold but something superior to silver and gold which is “awareness”, the wise will recognize this but the foolish will say it offer nothing for them. In their blindness to riches they are ensnared and cold-hearted, everything is seen for its monetary equivalent and profit while nothing spiritual is gained while living. The things they pompously feel are sources of their wealth will be taken away from them, having nothing they will recognize the material world is a “no man’s land”.

Foundation of this universe is spiritual substance, the materialist is trapped with the form ever baffled by his inner circle of poverty. With all the acquisition there is still that hunting emptiness. With all the luxuries no stillness of thought and feeling is found. With all the endless variety of entertainment nothing sound is built but attachments. What do you call this sort of thing, is this not slavery! What then does it profit a man to have everything but is in poverty of soul knowledge.

Our quest for silver and gold with the long search for “El Dorado” must come to an end. The truth is that we always have what we need not what we think we need. Life is the master and we are the students, we have no clue what is best. What we want and crave may become the path to self- destruction, for obsession has corrupted many hearts. Let all attention be on learning what life is offering us through experiences and not what our minds are craving for. Peace will be found and worries forgotten.

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