The Role Of Woman

The feminine soul is a wavelength of pure energy that seeks self exploration in the subtle areas of life. This refined energy field bring delicacy and growth into the hard sphere of the material life. Her role is an intermediary between the two worlds in which her counterpart is able to find solace from the harsh reality of the gross environment into which the labor of life are eminent.

More than a body and most of an essence true femininity is the uplifter of the race. The beauty of womanhood is in her activity, her connection to all the subtle frequencies of life which is passed on to the male counterpart. Her presence is to ennoble the brute and make him find some special meaning other than a harsh trend of daily survival. She carries within herself the precipitation of peace to sprinkle in places where strife is found. Since love is her home, all that enter into union find solace from difficulties and woes.

Womanhood is a crown and not all that live today wear the crown. Many have lost this in the maze of modern living and sophistry. They have given up so much that all left is mere caricature of the original state. Groping in slavery to the material world, the same environment in which she was to ennobled, bringing liberation to the brute. The mission failed and the brute is still in savagery, but now well masked in pretentious nobility.

Now! All she does is fight for a place in the world, seeking to find equality in the hunts of men. The pure energy has been transmuted into deep sentiments, an ensnarement for the man counterpart. Men should have looked upon her as the source of light, but have turned her into a channel for erotic dealings. Loosing the essence she is now only a mere object, a fetish that arouse the imagination of men. The races are in darkness for the high office of womanhood as a bridge to the realms of purity have been broken.

When a woman hold unto her honor she uplift the environment and the man she chooses to love. I repeat, when a woman works in her position as the medium of light transference she always find the man that compliments her activity. The man stands by her and she offer him the ethereal blessing that prosper his material endeavors. But women that have lost the essence of womanhood will abide with the brute man they failed to influence properly, they will do battle physically, emotionally, mentally until the last visage of joy is gone.

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