The Gift Of Reason

“Reasoning is the most expensive faculty of the mind”, with this premise many fail in the attainment of stability and sound judgement. Without the proper foundation of reason imbecility reigns supreme. The thought dimension is not taken seriously as it should, people are not aware what goes on in their minds; they follow every line of thought that present itself_ never discriminating the fine line between productive and self destructive thoughts.

Lazy minds detest to think for themselves, they prefer thoughts to be impressed upon their minds, this is a very dangerous situation because the person loses his or her independence. But many care little, they will rather be unconcerned slaves than exert their minds towards independence. These are the persons who complain the most, who feel powerless about their situation; the process to break through is awaiting action but the high degree of mental inertia prevent this from happening.

Bad habits never allow for sound judgement, such habits are so destructive that they threaten any emergence of reasoning. Some of these habits are abuse of drugs and alcohol, endless romantic cravings, meaningless talk, idleness due to lack of definite purpose, superstition, the attitude of carelessness. When any of these parasites take hold within the mind, no matter the person or the station of life, imbecility will begin to take hold dragging such gradually into the status of the common animal.

A decent life is a product of good reasoning, right choices and proper mannerism. Reason is the very heart of beauty and refinement, an intangible quality that can easily be lost or defiled. Therefore it must be guarded at any time and in doing so avoid all destructive associations, walk away from environment of gossip and slander, carefully streamline the sounds and lyrics of music listened to, these are areas which deplete good reasoning by subtle insinuations.

Those that cultivate the reasoning faculty will avoid various inner and outward entanglements. Common sense is not so common because to think is one of the most difficult task to perform, many believe they think but actually they don’t. Thinking requires effort and discrimination, it takes solitude and silence to build proper thoughts. All great ideas are born in silence, the alignment of body and soul is also carried out in silence. It is in solitude and silence that reason thrives most.

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