The Third Eye

The third eye is the point which when developed make individuals see an extension of life beyond the earth plane. Man will not live on earth forever, the time allotted to the earthly dimension is very brief. Due to spiritual indolence many do not know what will become of themselves beyond the earth world. They hang on to the dogmas which are mostly inaccurate, when the third eye is always present for exploring life.

To “live” one has to be conscious and alert. There must be a desire to always experience more. Many are bound to earthly experience and cannot move at will beyond this. They need clairvoyants, mediums to tell what lie beyond. You don’t really need this, you only need to open your eye, “the other eye”. Sit quietly while closing the eyes, focus your attention on the point between the two eye brows. The point is clearly represented in the picture above.

There is darkness! endless darkness! Nothing seen but darkness! This is what the beginner sees! Discouragement creeps in which may lead to disbelief and sarcasm. The truth is we use the third eye unknowingly but when told to use it knowingly we claim it doesn’t exist. There are many ordinary individuals that transverse layers of consciousness but never suspect what is really going on.

The creative world as a whole is made up of the positive and the negative realm. The positive part is called the soul realm, many don’t even remember it’s existence anymore. But the earth plane which we currently inhabit is the lowest portion of the negative part. Others which make up the negative part are: The astral plane, The causal plane, The mental plane, and The etheric plane.

For many the astral plane is home after the physical death, the lower astral is populated by poorly developed souls and the higher astral by the evolving ones. The higher astral environment is what many call heaven, it is beautiful yet remains just one level. The causal plane is the next in order where men end up after death but few reach this plane because many are fettered with religious complexes and strong earthly ties which keeps them on the astral plane.

The mental plane is next beyond the causal. Here cosmic oneness is entered into when the physical, astral and causal bodies are outgrown. This is the grand mind plane of all philosophy and knowledge. Rarely do any man reach this plane because few can disengage themselves from emotional sentiment and still rise above right and wrong. It is an inaccessible plane to the majority of mankind.

All these planes have their corresponding body which is found in all men for their afterlife. The last plane of the negative realm is the magical etheric plane, the length of years lived on the level is truly surprising. The legend of the grail and of Parsifal with many other legend lore that reaches the earth plane in form of poems have origin here. But keep in mind that all planes mentioned here are not free from reincarnation, they are all subject to death and rebirth for they are not truly liberating.

From the most remote part of the etheric plane we enter into the void of deep darkness to transverse the sea of nothingness into the positive half of the mighty world. The positive half is called “the realm of the Soul” the true home of the liberated. Here there is no mind, no emotion, no right or wrong, no suffering, no sorrow, no rebirth; all belonging to the negative realm are left behind.

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