Importance Of Reading

Intellect is the most important sphere of any human life, hence the cultivation of such vital instrument is highly priced. Just as the body need exercise, fresh air, proper diet, and sleep to stay healthy the intellect need stimulation from books, analytical thinking, ideas, sound reasoning, problem solving and challenges in order to remain at its best.

Without a well developed intellect with the sound deductive faculty problems will keep on piling to the point of frustration. People that neglect their intellect in pursuit of gross materials find it difficult to handle difficult situation and adapt to novel experience. They are evasive of what count most in stimulating patterns for mental growth and problem solving.

Simulations are a part of daily living and problems will always be thrown at us. Believe me life is not a lazy man’s game, to climb the peak of any mountain there must be both mental and physical synchronicity. Everything found in nature is in a constant state of exertion. Any form that become indolent speedily arrive at a standstill, retrogress further and finally become extinct.

This law applies to human beings, meaning everyone must be at their best to live healthy. Nations whose intellectual sphere is dominant seem to have better political, economic, structural and artistic expression than those whose intellectual sphere remain under- cultivated. Peoples can easily be enslaved through ignorance but with knowledge they understand happenings around themselves.

The human mind thrives on reading and stimulation in order to grow, without the ability to absorb information and classify experiences there is a high chance of remaining stagnated in all areas of life. To browse through information is one thing and to derive the essence of the information is another thing entirely. We read from three basic attitudes either forced, casually or out of necessity of purpose.

To develop healthily there must be a desire to learn and absorb, books provide such medium. Whenever we take up a book, magazine, article or any form of mental stimulation we should learn to temporarily suspend our judgment and opinion. Half truth pose danger of misunderstanding with this we must finish whatever book we start, moving from word to word, sentence to sentence building up to the natural climax.

Decline in study culture is due to the huge activities of the entertainment industry globally. Games, movies, music, social media and all the enticement to quick success and fame. Less and less time for learning and the end of such habit is living a bland life of little or no contribution. There must be a balance between learning and entertainment. Realization comes through learning and can serve as a big eye opener.

Two percent of the population control the major stake in almost anything because the two percent possess the most evolved minds. The worlds richest people read no less than six hours a day. With such habit they build mental associations that are novel in any field. While the ninety eight percent regurgitate on the same knowledge, same technique, same approach producing the same flat result.

Every knowledge possessed serve as a piece to the overall riddle of survival. Try out new genre of books and you may be surprised what turns out of such habit. Learn to sift out the essence of the instruction and put them into practice. Break out of the rigidity of formality and explore more. Most of mankind’s best ideas are found in classic books, it will do you good to explore the Harvard classics and the Britannica great books.

I cannot overstate the importance of reading in the refinement of human life and circumstance. When you hate reading you hate learning, when you hate learning you swim in the filth pool of mediocrity. Each individual is gifted with intellect be you African, Asian, European, American and we solve personal, social and political puzzles through such medium. To broaden the mental horizon should be the first step, all other experience will depend on it.

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