Entitlement Mindset

Entitlement comes into the big picture here when unreasonable demand are made and careless attempt to gain what is not deserved. We all know the law of balance_ you reap what you sow_ right! Yet such basic truth has not sank into the core of many beings. People just don’t expect grapes when they planted papaya, in fact it will look so ridiculous to expect what you never planted.

The reverse is true in human activity, many believe in the chaos theory and feel there is no proper leveler to human actions. These become crooks that demand and expect what they don’t deserved with impunity. Everything in life must be earned there are no free gifts. Those that never earned things the proper way are greatly indebted and will pay for such actions in strange ways.

We find this streak of cutting corners in all part of human activity, many people are seeking the easy way out of financial trouble, relationship entanglement, personal weakness. Nowadays we find anxiety pills, intelligence pills, smooth communication pills, seduction potions and every sort of easy fix. Such nonsense come out from a world culture were people refuse to face reality squarely.

A lot of men and women are swindlers at heart, but not for fear of imprisonment and loss of reputation they will be more brazen in their reckless ways. Listen to the average man’s communication, it is infested with falsehood, they thrive on making stories just to get the imagination of people working overtime. It has reached a point where people no long know how to solve their problems only to talk about them.

We demand unnecessary things from the government, from family, from neighbours even from animals. The animal kingdom is greatly threatened by man and if care is not taken it will become a huge loss to the race. We humans love to make unreasonable demand on everyone other than ourselves. Learn to demand growth, movement and awareness from yourself.

Morality in human dealing is the most neglected part of our ethics, people do whatsoever they like thinking they can go scot- free but that is never the case. There are difficulties that arise from being careless, there are pain that have root in wicked deeds. In fact all human trouble is a product of imbalanced living. So you better be on the business of getting things straight.

The universe in which we live is made up of Laws and one of them state that every man is responsible in creating their personal welfare. We all come to earth with different karma’s because our history in this universe is long and deep. A mad man on the street has earned himself that place, so does a tramp working for peanuts. We can only pretend on the outside saying life is not fair but deep within we know we deserve whatever we get.

Catalyst for lasting change is inner movement, the movement toward balance. Our lives all function on one great law which is rhythmic balance interchange. Every man’s first job is to know his place in the universe so he may be better situated in knowing how to help himself. If you miss this point then you are on the speedy route to damage for life is not a respecter of any person.

Start earning not only money but universal harmony. The banking system is a universal law_ what you put in is what you cash out, only the scumbag seeks what he never deposited. Stop looking to people as the solution to personal problems and begin the soul search. Imbalances will be encountered that need balance, you have to face them all with resolute determination.

When the inner task of finding balance is completed, all that will happen on the outside is orchestration of desired result. Have you ever met that person who everything just falls in place for_ as if the goddess “Gaia” was his mother. Have you met that person who has great conviction that all will play out well, such a person has completed the most important work which happens on the inside.

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