Timeless Love

Love is timeless such is the way, putting into this vessel again and again new wine. The heart travel through time and space in search for the lover, when she is found there is completeness.

When the reed come in contact with the wind there is a dance, a tryst of the moment. The union is both lasting and fleeting_ a reed waits for the lovers tender touch and when the presence is not felt linger in forlorn.

Suddenly when it feels the touch of her hand it lose limit in joy, and give vent to expressions so new. On this small patch of land love has found me, surrounding me with whispers that crack into laughter at the prompting of the gentle breeze.

Infinite gifts keep pouring on this small hands of mine, years have gone past_ yet it still keeps pouring. I feel at the heart of the universe, that precise point where the forces of nature meet in unison.

The butterfly flap it wings like a glad creature on the flight across the field; leaving sweet fragrance behind and a harmony that is so delicate to explain. Touched by the edge of the far spreading wing, I aspire to such heights of beauty and grace.

Today the sun is shining at the peak, while the ravens are exercising the flight, they croak in harsh dissonant tones as they all pass by. The flies are playing mischievous pranks on the ear of the sleeping dog, they settle down awaiting a flip to escape the whip!

Blossoms are not yet opened, the time have not yet come_ but there is an agony in waiting long! Buzzing of the bees draw near from the distance_ are they coming for the closed blooms, to give a tender kiss that awakens the sleeping beauties!

Rustling leaves from the tree top orchestrates songs that remain unsung to this day. They have spent many years practicing the instrument that come from the wind. When the fierce winds come, the golden harp is tuned pouring down thundering symphonies.

Cloud is now heaping upon cloud and it darkens_ love has not deserted me to grope alone in the dark. I keep gazing at the spreading gloom of the sky, and my heart wonders with the restless winds. Love is the balance in any storm and I feel no worries!

Though you may be trapped in the abyss and the path of the impasse seem frightening; love is always there to hold the hand revealing a hidden route out of the impasse. On that day when the lotus bloomed, I did not know_ but my basket was filled with the most beautiful flowers.

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