Human Consciousness

Liberation from the human consciousness is the riddle of riddles because we cannot clearly differentiate our real self from the pretentious entity. We have lived side by side with such entity for thousand of years that we see it as our very own self. Human consciousness has been a deeply entrenched identification that fight with all cunning to lay undiscovered.

The purpose of the human consciousness is deception. Yes! It is given the power to deceive Soul as many times as possible until Soul begins to awaken. The human consciousness runs everything in the world from politics, industries, social and economic life because man is not spiritually awakened. He therefore needs an automated instructor to direct good and bad activity; hence the purpose of the human consciousness.

Awakening Souls have become aware of this conscious entity that lives within their mind governing their activities, they notice that it is a poor substitute of the Soul and runs on an imbalanced programming. They begin to watch with awareness how the entity works, they put their actions, words and thoughts to scrutiny and are horrified at what they discover; they finally cry out in dissatisfaction for the real self.

We cannot rid ourselves of the human consciousness while living on earth because we are within it’s frequency, but we can only understand it thoroughly to the extent it can deceive us no more. The human consciousness has certain traits that are universal to all men because it is found in all men. Those that are on the path of liberation which mean_ gaining freedom from the laws of the lower world know what I am speaking of!

These are some of the traits of the human consciousness, you can observe more from your own awareness. It is industrious but foolish_ it seeks to gain only earthly ground. It sees only the action but never the consequence_ hence it is very reckless. It is a hypocrite that contradict itself_ it is very stubborn. It plays the guilt game_ to confuse and trap the Soul. It end up always betraying_ for that is the purpose.

Human consciousness was designed to test us all_ found in the lower world; earth is part of the lower world. It is a masterpiece of cunning that will test Soul through and through until at last it awakens out of the hallucination. So many people have not come to realize_ the earth is a learning ground for Soul and the body they put on with the consciousness which governs it_ is but a simulation.

We have to live our existence in the human consciousness until we find liberation from it_ it is filled with disharmony and conflict of which we all know. To gain liberation from the human consciousness you don’t fight it, you can only learn to become detached from it. Such detachment is valid only when actions are performed without expectation of good and evil. When you are indifferent to good and evil you are coming out of the human consciousness.

From that point on you live in peace for the snares of the human consciousness are no longer a menace. All activities are performed as a sacrifice without expectation of good and bad. Love is given with absolute detachment and people come to sense freedom when around you. Everyone is taken alike_ there is no discrimination between king, savant, servant and beggar. Offerings of gold, water and common stone are received alike.

Such is the freedom that await the striving Soul who put away everything in search of spiritual liberation. He can live in fire and will not be burnt_ in water and be welcomed by the forces. When the human consciousness is reduced to the bare- minimum there is this spaciousness and deep wisdom that flows through the mind_ giving joyful throbbing to the body. Everything becomes anew!

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