Odysseus and Penelope

Years has passed since the fall of troy and Odysseus still has not returned to Ithaca. A large and randy mob has overtaken his palace and pillage his land in quest to court his wife.

Odysseus is still alive but held captive by the possessive love of the nymph calypso in her island. He longs for home, for wife and son, but no way to escape the prison of love. Hear my cry mighty Zeus and take away my sorrow, days have turned into years and still no hope of meeting wife and son.

On mount Olympus Zeus is musing, when a deep stirring arouses him to pity, and searching for the origin of such compassion he hears the voice of Odysseus. He sent Hermes to persuade the nymph Calypso to let Odysseus build a ship and leave.

The homesick hero set sail but once again is hindered by the god of the sea Poseidon from sailing home. Bitter grudge held against him for blinding his son Polyphemus by cunning. A storm rage sent destroys the ship and he is trapped in deep waters, but by his tutelage guide escapes the wrath of Poseidon.

Washed away in dismay to phaeacian shore’s with nothing left but hope and grief at the feet of a young princess. When he identified himself as Odysseus, receives a warm welcome by the king and queen, and those who had heard of his exploits in Troy were stunned!

He was promised safe passage to Ithaca but first all await in longing to hear his adventures. He spent the night describing the fantastic chain of events that lead to his arrival at Calypso’s island. He recounts his trip to the land of the lotus eaters, his battle with Polyphemus and the Cyclops, his affair with the witch goddess Circe, his temptation by the deadly Sirens, his journey into Hades to consult the prophet Tiresias, and his fight with the sea monster Scylla.

Allowed safe passage Odysseus returned to Ithaca were he seeks the hut of his faithful swineherd. His tutelage guide Athena disguised him as a beggar in hideous form while he prepares a plan to massacre the suitors of his wife and regain his kingdom.

The next day Odysseus arrives at his palace as a beggar, he endures abuse and insult from the suitors of his wife. Penelope takes an interest in this strange beggar suspecting him to be her husband. In test she organises an archery contest and promises to marry any man who can string Odysseus great bow and fire an arrow through the row of twelve axes.

All the suitors tried to string the bow and failed. Odysseus steps up to the bow and with little effort fires the arrow through all twelve axes. Assisted by few faithful servants slayed all the suitors. He reveals himself to the entire palace and reunites with his wife and son. Zeus and his tutelage guide Athena restores peace and with his power secured and his family reunited his long ordeal comes to an end.

Every man is Odysseus on a journey through the world and only a strong desire to return back home will glide and sail him above all worldly snares, temptations and prisons; finally to reunite with his long lost Soul.

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  1. Life gets messy. There is a beautiful passage in the Old Testament, Habakkuk 3. He concludes, when everything fails, when all goes wrong that can go wrong, I’m still good. Yet will I delight in my Sovereign Lord. Love to read your thoughts.

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