Expecting The Extraordinary

There is nothing extraordinary in life_ wealth, fame, success, power, beauty and talent are all basic in life. Actually the only thing special or extraordinary is what you don’t have. A person in penury is obsessed with wealth, a person despised is obsessed with honor, a person that finds it difficult to make friends seek fame as the solution, the most insecure people gravitate toward position of power to feel a sense of security.

It is an irony but people seek the ideal for selfish reasons. Money, power, fame, beauty are the extraordinary things people are seeking. Put on your television and you may become covetous of all those seemingly larger than life personalities seen in glamour; but is anything extraordinary about glamour and make up_ I honestly don’t think so. We live in a setting where our value come from the outside and we feel someone with more money, fame, status is simply better.

People will steal, lie, cheat just to put up with what they are not! The young generation are so interested in taking photos, looking for the easy way out_ believing they are on the route to personal success and fame. Rather than taking life slowly and doing things properly, many are moving at the speed of light neglecting the essentials_ such only lead to heavy wreckage. Extraordinary mindset summarizes all that is glamorous, pompous, loud and popular.

Life is very ordinary, there is nothing delirious about it. Being a huge success is not something new to the world. Being extremely talented is not something new in human history, everything found today is just the same repetition of history. Human society will ever be populated by geniuses, innovators, savants and dullards. Ordinary is the basic vibe of life, and anyone that can match that tone is very practical.

Whoever and whatsoever you are just remember we live in an ordinary world. The universe wouldn’t change its cause because someone has broken the yoke of poverty and has moved from rags to riches. When we stop being obsessed with the extraordinary_ we start living ordinarily and basic. We begin to understand life is not just black and white; not just about success and happiness, fame and enjoyment but about realizations that come from an awakened Soul.

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