West Africa

Untamed world of wild landscapes, akin to the lands in which the gods reside. Hopes are high for evil days to come to a close!

Kinship to one another but ruled by lower passions of pride, lust, greed and vanity. O Mother African teach us the way to innate harmony.

Unborn ethics, regimes of the savage, governance not in line with the law. A survival of the fittest, the most brutal hoard the spoil; with personal gratification as the theme.

The old corrupt the young with lessons of fear, superstition and hypocrisy. They feast to their stomach full_ they bow and worship the ungodly traits, plunging the lands deeper to ruin.

A movie theater_ a setting for all characters, were vile performances are shamelessly displayed. The curtain arises slowly and the drama unfolds:_ Political instabilities, tribal wars, savage tendencies, dwindling economies and unprepared rulers.

Power is the center stage, intolerance has the lower stage, both wreck havoc on whom to run the show. Corruption is stealthily dismantling the set, slowly taking over the golden mane.

O Mother Africa, land of beautiful plains with nimble zebras, buffalos, enduring elephants, kingly lion’s that roar like the heavy laden rain. Forests filled with monkeys, baboons, gazelles and warthogs.

Such is not the final stage play, grotesque characters must someday leave the scene. West African lands are to become paradise, an abode of peace, a harmonious note resounding through the continent. Now! Predators and scavengers, tyrants and kings, oppressed and dejects, lift up your heads for the new is approaching!

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