Dangers Of Awakened Kundalini

Kundalini is a very potent energy that has center in the human body. It is sometimes called the coiled serpent or Shakti, located below the spine and find expression through the line of the sexual dimension. The sexual dimension connect directly with Kundalini because it concern reproduction of life. Kundalini is life force the actual energy that powers everything in the universe.

Out of boredom and spiritual indolence came the notion of awakening life energy. The degree of life current that flows through each individual is equivalent to the state of consciousness of the individual. One man can be full of life force and balanced Kundalini, while another feel sluggish movement of life within himself and thinks he can heighten his awareness artificially, such is fatal.

The average man due to his attachments, vanity, greed, lust and anger works on a very low energy frequency, only in time of sexual heat does he feel a huge surge of energy which he always seek to reexperience. When in sexual heat there is this invincibility, courage, and heightened awareness than in other periods. Such is due to the sexual dimension taking current from the life force or Kundalini.

Sex is the most sort after activity in the world, many have sexual fantasies almost all their waking hours. Wealth, power, fame, ambition are sometimes driven by this dimension. The sexual urge is just a pinch of Kundalini energy and under such energy wonders are performed. Artificial stimulation of anything is dangerous because you have not naturally come to the point where it is natural.

Those that awaken the Kundalini force when not fully matured to handle such tremendous amount of energy experience instead of enlightenment difficulties in all areas of life and health. Enlightenment is a process that take years to attain, you don’t just arrive enlightenment by artificial stimulation.

Enlightenment is not gotten from a low state of consciousness there must be a sublimation and change in level of awareness which demand years of purification and approval by spiritual hierarchy. There are degrees of Kundalini opening for different state of consciousness until the full bloom of the lotus.

Desire for fame and attention tempt many to open this portal prematurely but there is always a heavy price to pay. Many famous personalities in history radiated so much Kundalini than they could handle, which brought fame, power, followers but also mental turbulence, disturbing lifestyles and health complications that lead to a miserable life and death. The rest of us must be careful and take the proper route before we can play without harm under such tremendous amount of energy.

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