Uncovering Opportunity

Where eyes see problem and difficulty insight reveal opportunity. The sixth sense is the faculty for uncovering opportunity and such faculty lie dormant in many individuals. We all come across opportunities moment to moment but few have the knack for recognizing them. The world is filled with portals that lay hidden and only the keen sighted discover such treasures.

The riddle of survival is something very intriguing, nothing_ absolutely nothing comes easy, there are veils that blur the vision from recognizing opportunity. We may be in possession of great gifts but until such is recognized and developed remain untapped. We walk past opportunities not seeing them, we even scorn at some that disguise themselves. The average person is average for the very reason of misusing opportunities.

Failure and disappointment are the worlds greatest opportunities given to reevaluate ourselves and set things straight once again. We may see nothing significant in failure and disappointment but they carry an equal equivalent of opportunities. How we view them is the most important factor in the world of opportunities, positivity and courage always get a breakthrough.

Life does not favor any form of weakness, a weakling is disadvantaged at every corner. When you say you don’t have opportunities you are breaking out of the echelon of order, for everyone has within themselves the power to create opportunity. When opportunity does not readily present itself you have to create them out of shear determination and insight.

Every unit of consciousness is endowed with numberless array of opportunities to ensure its survival but what we are not aware of is as good as not existing. It is a game of being alert and sensitive to the current of things. Opportunity come and go just as times and seasons but they will always resurface in new forms. It is our duty to remain vigilant to the endless array of opportunities and to create them when needed.

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