Degree Of Sensitivity

Sensitivity is seen as a good and a bad thing; good in the sense of being aware of subtle undertone and bad in the sense of being overwhelmed by negative sensation. Sensitive people trust their feeling and have that “deja vu” about things; they can smell trouble that have not yet materialized and if decisive enough can avoid embarrassment or losses.

Letting things get under the skin is the negative side of sensitivity and the perpetual obsession with negative outcomes. Sensitive people dread close relationships and overexposure for the fear of loss or a bad turnout, they play too safe and miss a lot of opportunities. Procrastination is the bane of the sensitive, over analyzing can consume time needed for direct action.

Persons with high degree of sensitivity seldom achieve their dreams for most prefer daydreams to actual realization. Those with practical parents and friends may help but usually with a brutal fist. Hiding is so common and avoiding the lime light, yet they posses what it takes to steal any show. The biggest trouble with any sensitive is lack of self confidence and if recognized early can be settled.

When the sensitive overcome weaknesses there is this sublime beauty and finery in all they do from washing dishes, to raising children, painting or even singing. The world needs the sensitive to bring out the unseen beauty and essence of things. Feeling what others feel they can be good leaders, learning without pride they can be good teachers, sensitivity can bring deep understanding of people and things.

The final degree of sensitivity when all is balanced and strength built is Clairvoyance and Clairaudience which is the ability to perceive and communicate with the most delicate frequencies of life. In personal matters such an individual is deeply accentuated with the voice of reason; in external matters such an individual serve as a perfect guide to others.

Many of the worlds greatest leaders were sensitives, it takes a great deal of sensitivity to write books like: ”Lord of the rings. Star wars. War and peace”. Such authors reached a high degree of guidance that made such expressions possible. Many feel that life is closed end and they can do things entirely on their own, such mindset will never produce anything that is timeless.

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