Tough Love

We may pretend that love is always gentle, kind, patient, enduring until we begin to find out it is leading us into helplessness in certain situations. It’s a tough call because we are used to pretending a lot, we are taught to suppress down real thoughts, emotions and actions at certain moments. This can be dangerous to ourselves and others when suppression reaches the boiling point.

Sometimes impatience can get a sloppy fella to speed on a task they seem to spend forever, sometimes a flash of anger can end malice and ill intents, sometimes screaming can make someone recognize how repulsive they are, sometimes a whip is what puts a child to order. Being positive all the time can spell disaster, for when people realize you are the type that put up with all their excesses, you are in for a hell ride.

What we sometimes call love is not love at all but weakness which grow to become helplessness. A child commits a serious crime against society and is to pay the penalty which is often interfered with by the parents social standing or money. You may get the child out of trouble but that propensity still lurks inside the child. Tough love demand you let the child face the full consequences of his or her action to find repentance.

The devil is going nowhere for no one can destroy it_ it is a universal force that puts the greatest pressure on the unconscious spirit germ. Without the devil and it’s prank of mischievous temptations there is no hope of self realization for the unconscious spirit germ. We have to embrace life as both positive and negative, light and dark. All war, death, famine, disease has played a role in the evolution of mankind.

Our universe functions on the principle of tough love until all the lessons of life are learnt. Love pervades all things but believe me love is not weak, yielding and forgiving of imbalances. So many persons are still suffering from mistakes of the past, they must live through them until the lessons are thoroughly learnt. Love is never an image of a man and woman kissing_ that is passion; love is a universal force that drive all unbalanced atoms in the universe to find balance.

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