Change Is Inevitable

The big question here is are you prepared for change? Life moves in a pretty fast pace and we can notice this truth whenever we look into the mirror. We are never the same person day after day, we either move with the flow or be dragged with it whether we like it or not. Little changes are occurring on a day to day basis, people just don’t see them because they are after the big monetary changes.

A journey of a thousand miles begin with a few steps, it’s not the destination that really matter but the journey itself. People miss out on the process and are eager for the outcome, the outcome will manifest but you may not be a match to it. A good example of this is marriage, all past experiences with people and situations give us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, if such steps were taken and lessons learnt_ we enter into our marriages with a high degree of self awareness.

Those with a low degree of self awareness have the most turbulent relationships for they lack proper self- assessment of themselves. They think themselves stimulating when actually they are bores who lack the ability to derive feedback from people’s reactions. There is a fine line between knowing yourself and pretending to know yourself, your experiences in life if processed and digested should give you a healthy yardstick on where you stand.

Change will come inevitably but are you prepared for it? A caterpillar finds itself crawling and eating leaves all day but when the time come for change it transforms into a completely new creature that can fly. It’s mind- blowing how the dimension of change works. We all would experience changes in life, but how we cope with those changes depend on how prepared we were for the inevitable transformations.

Final change that occur in all life- forms is chemical, the transformation from one state to another. How are you preparing for such change, you may say I still have decades before I begin to ponder on such reality but the best time is now! Life is lived continuously and what we do here echoes in eternity, so begin to take the little steps toward self realization so that when the time finally arrive, such change will lead us into the regions of bliss.

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