Childhood: Door to Freedom

A time when there was no pressure of expectations, when the world was still bright and beautiful.

A time when we cared about true friendship, pure laughter and the expression of warmth could be seen and heard.

A time when money didn’t matter much and we didn’t care who was rich and famous.

A time when we tasted things deeply, the ripe mangoes had deep appeal beyond just eating them.

A time when people where seen as treasures, when handshakes came alive and the inner throb felt.

A time when the butterfly gave us inspiration, the frog made us leap to magical places in our imagination.

A time when Christmas was an essence, a bright sunray of joy and life. When every true aspiration felt like being expressed.

A time when the Christmas tree sparkled light of different hue, creating multidimensional feeling of the hearthstone of family life.

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