Money, Money, Money

Money is viewed as both a blessing and a curse, a blessing in the content of experience it can afford; a curse in the sense that in order to amass it we may pass through all sorts of psychological, emotional and physical discomfort. Money seem to be the hardest substance to bring into our lives and so many people resent what they must do in order to have this compulsion and addiction.

Money is a compulsion because you need it in order to maintain your physical form, to solve immediate survival problems, to get married, to raise children, to indulge gratifications. It is addictive because of what it offers: the psychological high, the confidence boost, the transient feeling of well-being, the activity it promote and foster, money creates an artificial world of its own.

Everyone certainly will not become millionaires and everyone certainly cannot own a Mercedes luxury sedan vehicle; but everyone will have what they need in the precise measure. We are not all on earth to experience great riches but we are all here for individual life lessons. The human body simulation offers a variety of experience and wherever you find yourself build your self realization from that point, be it riches or squalor.

When life is all about “money, money, money” we miss out on a lot of things, failing to realize the true essence of all we are given to experience. You don’t need megabucks to be fulfilled, you don’t even need to own some private island in Crete to enjoy the best in nature; the best things in life are free and everywhere. Find joy in every moment even if you live in a shack. There are meaningful lessons that lay hidden in the so-called best or worst experience.

Money is relative in what it brings to every life, there is no universal standard placed on happiness, we derive it in various ways. So enjoy what you have and forget what you don’t have. You may never experience the things you envy about others, you may never own that private plane, that million dollar apartment in Manhattan, get married to an ex- beauty queen no matter how hard you toil; but it’s okay because to be alive, healthy and rational is a more superior form of gratification.

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