Of all human qualities of hard work, self confidence, proper mannerism, intellectual cultivation and more_ none is more humane in nature to empathy. Only empathy creates that portal that make it possible for us to go out of our habitual thought pattern, habitual feeling and sentiment, giving the ability to suspend self interest and importance while promoting the betterment of the whole.

We humans are selfish by nature, education cannot disrupt this nature; it is the driving force behind many actions. We are obsessed with ourselves and our own little worlds. With our triumph, success, failure, lack and limitation that we can hardly see what is going on in the world around us. We view everything through the lenses of self interest and resent anything we have to do without proper compensation.

The world is in need of people who really have the interest of others at heart, who are not obsessed with themselves and their little worlds. No human being is born with empathy for the human brain is wired to be self absorbed and selfish. We find this selfish streak in many leaders who do everything with the motive of furthering themselves and their image; very few act for the sake of the whole even if they profit nothing from such actions.

Empathy when exercised give us the power to leave our little selves behind and think in term of the whole. Such quality will bring about balance in our ecosystem. Empathy is the force that unite us as a collective unit working towards the best for each other. When people genuinely show interest for their kind_ social dynamics will greatly shift and there will be born a new way of conducting activity.

Ask yourselves these vital questions.

* Can I learn to think about other people and their interest?

* Can I learn to see things not only through the lens of my own eyes?

* Can I yield to the perspective that emanate from other minds?

* Can I model my actions to what always sustain peace and to realize that I share the world with other amazing creatures?

* Can I contribute my quota to human advancement and lead a well balanced life of giving and receiving?

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