Lack Mindset

The way we think about things can have a huge impact on our reality. Lack mindset is a habit of thought and feeling that people develop over time which in turn become a strong belief that they can never have enough of material articles they need for survival. This attitude is driven by fear, and causes people to live a life of insecurity and uncertainty when it come to matters of basic survival.

Being constantly worried about money does not bring money and being anxious about anything is never the solution to the problem. Wishful thinking and the outlook of envy which seek to compare and compete keeps many trapped in the circle of perpetual lack. We spend a lot of time reacting to life instead to taking the time to understand life, understand ourselves and hence find the possible way to get out of embarrassing problems.

Here are some of the reasons people get trapped in the lack Mindset.

1. Unfounded Anger.

People love to put the blame on others and find justifiable reasons to be mad. They point fingers to fate, bad omen, unfitting circumstance, bad decisions of loved ones, lack of opportunities, bad leadership and many more. They fail to realize they are the master and architect of their own lives. Instead of pointing accusing fingers at everyone we should learn to take time in self analysis to find out what we can do to alleviate our plight.

2. Lack of Definite Purpose

Living without purpose is like walking without any known direction, you will only tire out and yet you are nowhere. Every adult must take time for self discovery and introspection, these two actions bring about the discovery of purpose and motivation for daily living. Without purpose we live only to get by and are stuck in an existence of perpetual lack; since we have absolutely nothing of value to give, we will also be given nothing tangible in return.

3. The Habit Of Gossip

Some of the most destructive habits are those of gossip and slander. Both attitudes are compulsive, addictive and infectious. They waste productive hours and leave you with nothing but streak of bad relationships and a terrible reputation. Gossip and slander ruins creativity and personal initiative which is needed to move oneself forward in life. If anyone wants to break out of lack there should be great awareness of avoiding the slough of gossip and slander.

4. Unconquered Fears

Fear of lack creates lack of itself. We must stop identifying with lack of any form and realize that with the proper attitude we can rise above any odd. Fear keeps us trapped in old patterns of draining thoughts and feelings which in turn harm our reality. Fears should be all conquered or else they will ever influence our outlook on life. We should also take time to dissolve childhood patterns of lack which still live in us as adults, releasing the momentum of accumulated past experiences that are sabotaging us.

5. Lack Of Boldness to Take Risk

Without standing on a precipice and being indifferent to the fall, we may never get to experience new horizons. Playing it safe and remaining in the most comfortable zone keeps many people in lack. The movie and music stars we celebrate didn’t just reach such pinnacle without personal challenges and risks. Many dropped out of college to form a band that nobody believed in, they risked having a conventional career like the rest of their peers; they were scolded and mocked but they took the risk and later proved their worst critics wrong.

6. Indolence

This is one of the oldest and modern enemy of man and his advancement. Laziness can keep anyone in the stupefied state of self satisfaction, in a smug frame of mind which finds contentment in the worst slough of mediocrity. Over attachment to sleep and inaction, to pleasure and entertainment has kept a lot of people in the grip of poverty. Indolence hates learning, prefers argue to study and is impatient with anything that requires a slow process. We must ever guard against this vice that destroys the most noble ambition.

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