A Fools Heaven

Wealth appeals the mind like the sea sirens song into a belief that when secured all problems, difficulties, challenges will be magically over, such is a monstrous delusion. Society being a structure of struggle create insecurities in people where each member has it as his or her goal to reach the apex point of fewer or less struggle. This create fear in people due to the numbers they are up against and from such point view life as a contest.

Desire for wealth and gratification is a very strong inclination in man and most times lead into the dark recess of the human personality. When the sole aim in life is to get rich life quickly deteriorates into a perversity. We no longer see life as a Souls journey but as means to a material end. We lose touch with simple moments unless they are filled with endless pleasure of the senses. We then live in the world only for superficial things and find no higher purpose than craving gratifications of sensory desires.

Something must precede wealth to create a balance and wisdom is that essential thing. All through the ages it has been recorded that wisdom is more precious than gold. The foundation of practicality in which we find the rising and setting of the sun; the ever rotating seasons found each year. Each mans life is also divided into seasons and to despise the season in ones life that does not fit the fad of the day is one of the most fatal sins against oneself.

We can acquire wealth and be detached from it and we can acquire wealth and be attached to it. The difference lie in the spiritual development of the individual. The first kind are realistic and rational people who know the full boundaries of an experience. The second kind are irrational and dramatic persons not suited with wisdom to differentiate between an experience and the actual self. Such view wealth as the highest good and entice others through subtle mediums to be influenced by such vanity.

A world wide frenzy about wealth, fame and power has put a standstill to the moral and spiritual development of the races. The fraudulent activities found in this era is much higher to any other era in history. Fraud and deceit has found settlement in almost all fields of endeavor because people cannot imagine living without tasting their own share of the worlds goodies, and they are ready to do anything just to be among the so-called wealthy class. It’s such a pity because wealth is just an experience and there are higher lessons and initiations behind all experiences.

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