Earth Is A School

Planet Earth is located in the lower worlds as an abode with the purpose of helping unconscious species of life toward the finished point of perfection. Perfection is real and highly demanded in all life forms, without perfection the universe will not function with such mathematical precision that is evident to all awakened beings. We humans are called to display perfection but because we know so little of what perfection means, our duty as spiritual entities are greatly neglected.

Earth world is populated by two species of life, one is called the spiritual specie of which man belongs, and the other is called the animistic specie of which all of nature belongs. The earth school has a beginning and ending date which begins with the Golden age or first age, through the silver age or second age, the copper age or third age and finally the iron age or fourth age of which we are today and referenced to as the end time. The Iron age precisely began at midnight between the 17th and 18th of February 3102 B.C.

Every age reveal a time limit and the golden age had the duration of 1,728,000 years; the silver age had the duration of 1,296,000 years; the copper or bronze age had the duration of 864,000 years; and finally the iron age or present age have the duration of 432,000 years of man. The descending numbers always represent a physical and moral deterioration of men in each age. The four ages comprise an aggregate of 4,320,000 of our years which constitute the circle of the earth school. For any Soul to live through such amount of time in various embodiments and still lack tangible spiritual development reveal the height of spiritual imbecility.

We have now lived one tenth of the duration of this circle of the present age. Man has tried to establish law and order but this is an era of the most noisome negative influences. It is the worst and hardest of all ages. Crime has burst like a flood over the world; modesty, truth, honor have dissolved and in their place fraud and deceit, violence and the excessive love of gain. Soul must pass through each of the ages in order to gain perfection for itself, perfection here means the survival of Soul above the lower worlds.

The lower worlds are the cosmic arena or school where each individual soul will have to live under the twelve zodiac signs in repeated embodiments to be put through all forms of worldly experiences which may awaken it to the higher longing for spiritual perfection. When the overall circle comes to a close and soul still haven’t gained the needed spiritual development to function consciously outside the lower worlds, it will experience the disintegration of all material forms of which it loved so dearly to the development of its own Soul.

After such horror of experiencing spiritual death such underdeveloped Souls will be put into a deep sleep and transfered to the heavenly or upper worlds as germs that could not sprout into maturity. They will be kept for storage with other still unconscious species in this state for the duration of numberless years. While other germs that gained perfection while in the earth world are exercising the conscious volition as free spirits; the unconscious germs will be in a deep sleep awaiting the moment when the lower worlds will again be active, for this is their only jurisdiction of activity.

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