Each Person Is A Frequency

We all live in individual worlds, the content found in such world reveal our freedom and limitation. Every man or woman is living out a particular state of consciousness whether they realize it or not; there are no new states of consciousness any person can create_ just the same occurring once. Productive people around the world share some of the same qualities, the successful business man in Beijing share similar qualities to the successful business man in Bangladesh.

Have you ever been keen about the substance found in people beyond personal appearance, the qualities that differentiate and lift one from the others. That subtlety that set apart individuals, groups or nations. Some individuals display triumph over the lower forces and live with great freedom and authenticity while others seem to have no purpose beyond immediate gratification and slaving to survive the basics of each day. Life is indeed lived in degrees.

We have a choice on which level in life to belong, and once that choice is made there are a thousand mile steps to take before we can enter into that level. Life is very simple, when any person reaches the requirement of a particular level he or she begins to express it, there is no discrimination whatsoever. There are belts that differentiate all levels of consciousness and each belt has unique abilities to it. That which is impossible in a lower belt of consciousness is possible in a higher belt of consciousness and that’s how it goes.

Our problems in life differ due to the levels of individual consciousness. One person’s greatest problem in life can be what to eat, drink and shelter, another person’s greatest trouble can be what to do with ever growing funds. One man dice with his life to seduce a beautiful woman and another man’s dice may be to improve the consciousness of his people. We all live life on different levels and what we each call progress, victory and accomplishment can mean different things.

The truth is to realize we can always improve our consciousness to change our level but once complacency sets in we come to a standstill and return to the former level. Contentment is good in checking envy but is fatal when it come to issues of awareness. Consciousness ever seek to expand and no limit can or should be placed on it. When people become contented with a level of awareness without putting pressure for greater extension they will soon fallout of that level of consciousness.

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