Facing The Pharaohs

We all desire freedom because it is the highest good in life, with freedom we can flourish into whatever we want without any obstacle on the way. Life pose obstacles to overcome and the obstruction to any form of freedom bear the spiritual title “Pharaoh”. When the average man goes astray he must face the full penalty of the law, but whenever a Pharaoh goes astray it is as if nothing has happened. Facing a Pharaoh is frightening because they seem to have unlimited power and immunity.

Pharaoh is anyone that you believe have unlimited power over you and your circumstance, it may be a parent, boss, relative, teacher, guru, leader, president or king. They come in many forms and we believe we are at the mercy of their whim. We feel we are nothing without them and if they say “no” to anything then it is finished. Pharaohs are oppressive by nature and will make you feel like a marionette in their hands. Defy a Pharaoh and you feel preponderance of doom_ loss of job, loss of care, loss of life, loss of fortune and more.

We all have experiences of Pharaoh in our lives and many are scared to even contemplate breaking loose from their influence. We may believe they have grip on almost everything and if we defy them we would end up with regrets, so we put up with their oppression. The more power they posses over you the more of their slave you become, and they start to make unreasonable demands on you that may humiliate your existence.

Pharaohs turn women into slaves that have no power of free expression and break men’s spine robbing them of natural courage, fitting them with tails they must waggle to anything they demand. These things happen daily and we see them occurring in different sphere of life but we shake our heads powerless and leave the Pharaohs to have their way. No one can defeat a Pharaoh on a physical level, they have more money, power, thugs, followers; you can only defeat them on neutral ground and that is on the mind plane with powerful realizations.

To be free from the pharaohs you must be ruthless with all conditioned impression and belief peddled in circulation because subconsciously they are designed to manipulate our freedom and make us tolerant to the worst kind of influence. We must assert with great conviction that we are our own authority, and our consciousness when undiluted function as a powerful reagent to clean our reality. The Pharaohs can keep their empires with their modern slaves we have no problem with that, but we belong to ourselves and live with great freedom on this Earth.

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