A Time For Introspection

As we finally draw near the end of a long year with seasons of joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, victory and defeat, success and failure, births and deaths we must all remember that this is a time for sober reflection. We now have it as a chief duty to call forth in remembrance all our experiences from the month of January to this time in December. A time for introspection in order to derive the wisdom, lessons, mistakes of the fading year.

All experiences are bittersweet for one pair cannot be without the other. Life is a sequence of exchanging pairs of opposites and we are all subjected to the law of change. No one can deny the fact that their life is infused with both negative and positive form of experiences. We are greeted from January with test of difficulties which give opportunity for progress. When we can recognize such opportunities for progress not just material but spiritual we can tap into our unique growth pattern for each year.

When we defend the same stale ideas and expressions year after year without modification we show clear signs of stagnation. Life is about constant movement, improvement and updates. We need to adopt fresh ideas, new religious views, a new way of seeing and perceiving to deepen our experiences. But many stubbornly cling to the old familiar ways due to the novelty of such prompting. We must realize that we are evolving beings and what is needed today will get outdated tomorrow.

Life is both an inner and an outer journey, when the inner is strengthened the outer will eventually get better. Betterment is relative to each person, not everyone will have streaks of monetary opportunities but there will be episodes of happiness and fulfillment for each person. We sometimes put all of our efforts on the outside and get disappointed when nothing is paying off; but when we balance the outer and inner life we can see particles of progress even in disappointment and failure.

How life plays out harmoniously for each person depend on the level of consciousness they exhibit. Everyday gives us the opportunity to build more awareness because the more aware we are the deeper we live below the surface of appearances. When we neglect our chief duty of cultivating awareness we repeat the same mistakes on an unconscious level, maintaining the same misery that beset us. A day is new only when we find a new realization, and a year is fruitful only when we find abundance that never deplete.

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