Alternative Reality

We share one basic reality while living in the earth world. There are laws that govern the body and we must be careful to obey such laws. We all need to eat, sleep, collect fresh air, defecate, exercise or else we begin to develop bodily troubles. Our earth lives are divided into equal twelve hours_ one for daylight and the other for nighttime. We coordinate our activities on set of rules, regulations, principles and in doing so we are in tune with the collective; when we default we are meet with similar punishment.

Our physical lives are regimented in a circle of routines, we perform the same set of activities on a daily basis but have privy to different undercurrent of feelings. We may do dishes today joyfully and tomorrow frowning in resentment. We may conduct a business deal with ardent enthusiasm today and with absolute indifference tomorrow. We need not be stuck in a physical existence of reoccurring routine and undertone. When we cannot enter alternative realities in consciousness we fall into dogma, superstition and drug as outlets.

Consciousness is something many people don’t really appreciate while living in a demanding world of ever occurring needs. The troubles of this life are endless, they automatically create and resolve themselves but when you get involved they seem to linger beyond the natural time. Everything is fighting for our attention to reduce the light of our consciousness and awareness. The light of awareness must be bright before the advent of material gratifications or else such indulgences will spell the end of anything awareness.

Ask people where exactly they will end up after death or where they will live in the hereafter and they will look at you like an alien creature. This is because their consciousness does not alternate, they are earthbound. They cannot see beyond the pressing demand of what to eat, wear and shelter with responsibility of added persons. We can travel out of the human world whenever we want to, we can also travel out of the body and it’s chemical formations. When we cannot soul travel we get stuck in the “tyrant reality” of earthly living.

To begin our own personal journey into alternative reality we must first surrender our mind to life. Without surrender we cannot get rid of the old momentum that keep us in reoccurring circles. Our creative genius is trapped inside a bottle like “genie” in the story of Aladdin_ only when such is released can we realize that everything is possible. The author of the classic literature “Iliad” was blind yet had access to alternative reality and recounted the epics of his time. When we begin to access alternative reality deformity will no longer be limitation.

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