The Art Of Friendship

Friendship is something people just assume these days out of the usual entitlement mindset. They believe familiarity to suffice in the weaving of a delicate web of trust. Can any of us boast of true friendship in a world filled with broken trust, leaked secrets, ruthless betrayal, violence, swindling, sabotaging_ all in what people believed to be friendship. True friendship is a rare pearl that can never be found by swindlers, only the trustworthy have access to the real beauty of companionship.

The art of friendship is something we cultivate to beautify our lives with meaningful and earnest companions. First be good friends with yourself_ for when we understand ourselves others are easily understood. This is true because we are all cut from the same material, sharing the same flaws in different shades. To become a true friend the journey of self discovery is necessary to develop a high self awareness, which help us become aware of our flaws, destructive attitudes and by overcoming them become a person of value.

You cannot say you love someone and betray them, you never loved them. You cannot say you have someone’s back and steal from them, you never cared about them. You cannot merry with someone and in no time slander them, you never liked them. You cannot call a woman wife and man husband and regard them with contempt, you have broken your vows. You cannot make promises to children in which you cannot keep, you downgrade them. When you practice such infamy you are far from true friendship.

Friendship is the foundation for all human relationships. Where there is friendship there also is cordiality and mutual trust. Brothers and sisters who are friends will always stay united. Husband’s and wives who are friends will find time for comic and laughter and can regress into each other’s role for the sake of pleasure. Superiors and subordinates who are friends create wonderful working experience for each other, both bubbling in mental health and productivity. Friendship is a very essential quality in human affairs.

We all have experienced true friendship and such a time was back at childhood when we could look deeply into each other’s eyes without the uncomfortable feeling. Boys and girls felt confident with each other without developing unhealthy obsession and suspicion. We knew when our friends were sad, when they were delighted, frightened or needed a hug. As adults we have lost so much and move around as pretentious entities having no real essence left within. We now have to work doubly hard to regain what was once natural.

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