Religious Diabolism

Religion is a double edged sword that either helps to improve the inner aspect of life or distort people to the extent of becoming diabolic because the truth either “kill” meaning make more unconscious or “give life” meaning create more awareness. Holy books of different faith are the center hold of any religion; in those books basic information for living life is given and important issues of life are addressed to bring each reader to a certain degree of personal awareness.

These days things have fallen apart and religion have become some sort of escape and excuse to all sort of hideous deeds and hideout. Someone preaches thou shall not kill, but such is the chief of murderers. Someone elucidate beautifully on the value of peace but insidiously works with criminals to invite social unrest. Parents teach children the value of religious precept but are never found living them. Superstition has crept in, people wait decades for spiritual messiahs to arrive the scene relieving their self created problems.

The right attitude toward matters of faith and religion is lost, a diabolic inkling has arisen in the use of truth for superficial gains of money, power and domination. The spirit behind most religion is lost and what remain is mimicry of a pseudo self forever trying to hinder the awakening of the truth that threatens it. Ceremony, creed and dogma has overshadowed every genuine budding and has stifled the last penetrating light. The followers then grope in darkness, calling the names of their saviors in limbo.

Shrill voices, brazen tones, timid plea, arrogant invocation all mount at the door entreating for pleasure, gain, infatuated love, fame and money. What was intended to purify has become an enhancement to the vainglorious personality. We have monstrously distorted what was given to us all as gifts, every religion found in the world is for the development and advancement of the people’s based on the different level of consciousness found among mankind

A nameless evil pervade the air from the misguided passions from religious sentimentality. The degree of vanity found in man has overshadowed his light, and the truth given to him through religion to dispel his darkness is turned for wrong uses. All admonitions given to mankind in religion books are seldom heeded, man prefers to speak of them, to turn them into argument than realize them. Religion as it stands has become a hindrance to many until they rediscover the lost spirit behind them all.

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