Arrogance is the character trait that is easily observed in other people but never recognized in oneself. We are quick to be aware of the nasty way people treated us but are never aware of the nasty way we treat others. Arrogance is a state of mind where a person believe due to certain situation, circumstance, or personal disposition and accomplishment to be better or more important than those without such requirements. Arrogance is a perverted game of individuals vying for superiority, deriding others to make themselves look better.

What ruins the happiness in many marriages is the arrogance displayed by one or both partners. A husband thinks he is more important to his wife because he is the man, the breadwinner and whatever, he deride her opinions as worthless, believing he is always right and never wrong. A wife may feel contemptuous of her husband because she possess superior qualities and displays it in such a way the man feels like a good for nothing loser. No matter what the man does to impress her is never enough because he can never reach her mark.

Arrogance sour human relationships and build up lot of resentment and desire for revenge. Parents that are arrogant toward their children condescend them to be inferiors and feel a peevish need to remodel them, such parents are the most badly treated when such children become adults. Bosses that never appreciate the subordinates and make them look incompetent are most hated, people will leave such environment at the slightest opportunity given or begin to plot sedition against such kind of authority.

When people begin to feel they don’t need other people, they are too high up in the sky then their worst problems in life have just begun. Even the most accomplished people in the world are prone to suffer when they develop the attitude of arrogance. They begin to feel they can break social laws only to later meet with the harshest of reality. The musician “R. Kelly” is a good example of such; he believed he was too talented, too successful to be checked by law and did the most disgusting things possible; but today he has met with the most bitter reality.

Ask yourselves these questions to become aware of your degree of arrogance.

1. Does being talented, rich or popular get into my head to the point where I begin to display undue superiority and insolence to other people?

2. Does living in an advanced nation make me superior to those in less developed nations. Do I see them as primitive, low social creatures?

3. How do I react whenever I am despised or insulted, do I feel the need to get even, to hurt others back in return to feel better about my self image?

4. Does being pretty, handsome, intelligent, charming make me better than those that struggle with such qualities?

5. Does being a boss give me the right to embarrass, humiliate and show contempt to people to feel a sense of superiority?

6. Does being a president, king, queen, prime minister, senator, general, governor give me the right to act as I wish, disregard whoever I wish, destroy and annihilate my enemies without remorse?

7. Does being physically strong and powerful give me the permission to bully others, to jeer them knowing that if challenged I can beat them up comfortably?

8. Does winning of a contest in which so many have been evicted and defeated mean the others are not as talented or lucky as I am?

9. How do I deal with failure, do I cover it up and pretend to be successful and do I mock other people’s failures in hope to cover up mine?

10. Do I feel my opinions, believes, convictions are superior to those held by others and it is my chief duty to convert them into my own standing?

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