Spirituality is the pure aspect of the soul and spirit in man that makes his existence in this world at all possible. Look around and you will find a heap of junk all in the name of spirituality. Money, fame, power are the things that lure people to even consider the terminology “spirit”. People who have experienced nothing of the spirit and soul are at the forefront acting as the mouthpiece and using the sacred to enhance themselves and their earthly situation. Woe unto them for they will not find the door out of their hypocrisy.

To teach what you have not actualized is unwise for any misunderstanding people get out of such teachings will become a burden on your soul. People act rashly in professing what they are not just for the fad or reward. When you lead anyone astray with false teachings you become a prisoner and your term will last as long as those people hold unto your misleading ideas. No one can give what they don’t have better to refrain from giving spiritual nuggets when you function from a low level of awareness.

Spirituality deals with life as a whole and not a part of it and there was no time that man did not exist and no time he will cease to be. Many of us found on earth today are the same historical people of old but in new bodies. When we see a child we feel he or she is innocent never realizing they are old as the sun and carry great karma that need to be redeemed in their present lives. Earth life offers the turning point each and every individual needs, for only on earth do we come in contact with all degrees of consciousness.

The body is a temporal cloak we all use in this world which will be discarded someday. We as souls have a lot of work to do on ourselves because we are not all innocent at our births. Many of us come into this world with heavy sins but instead of reducing them we are adding to them due to negligence. When we finally leave this earth again to stand at the throne of “Yama” the powerful judge of the dead; will many come to see their neglect, and in horror realize they have been doing what was unnecessary for their redemption with another opportunity wasted.

Freedom from the world of matter and the grip of “Yama” is the goal of the spiritual path. The spirit of man is ready for redemption but his mind and body are entrenched with worldly things and happenings. Discipline is the last resort for anyone who seeks freedom, discipline in all aspects of life. A life of letting go to the influences found in the world is dangerous and hinders spiritual advancement. One must not follow every thought, every feeling and every pressure to act, self control backed by the voice of spirit should always lead the way.

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