10 Causes Of Stagnation In People’s Lives

1. Lack Of Driven Purpose

Everyone possess an inner force that seems to guide them towards their life’s task, that which each person is meant to accomplish inward and outward in the time frame that they have to live. When we neglect such primal guidance and distance ourselves from it, we live a life of no purpose or false purpose which are basically the same. We experience being unfulfilled and a gawking feeling of meaninglessness.

2. Dishonesty

Dishonesty urges us to get basic necessity, pleasure, happiness via the wrong sources. Anything possessed through dishonesty breed trouble and subtle undertones of misery. Feelings of desperation arouses intentional dishonesty in many people which can be mastered if self control is practiced. If you practice intentional dishonesty then the end of such is disgrace or worst the permanent loss of reputation which cannot easily be replaced.

3. Indiscriminate Speech

The speech dimension has the chief purpose of communication and communication is vital to daily living. When speech becomes grotesque and irrelevant this lead to personal or group destruction. Those who wag their tongues make problems they never bargained for with repercussion of losing reasoning to irrationality. Stupidity triumphs and reason fails when the essence of speech is lost.

4. Inability To Think Big And Aim Above Mediocrity.

Being born into poverty, limitation, instability does not ensue one is permanently stuck to such situations. When a person fails to aim higher than the mediocrity they find themselves stagnation set in. Let your imagination entertain all dreams without fear, some of those dreams may come through, but be prepared for nothing is without it’s own price.

5. Bad Environment And Influences

The friendships and associations we form either make or remake us. No compromise is found here because influence works so insidiously that before you know it corruption and the wrong attitude have settled. Association with carefree individuals may seem novel at first but as time wane neglect of important values will become a norm. Some environment should be avoided because they offer nothing but toxicity that will poison your mind in the long run.

6. Lack Of Self Control

Intemperance should be avoided before they turn into addictions that cannot be controlled. Self control practiced in every way possible, in all aspect of life is the antidote against excesses. Good things can be turned into obsessions when a balance is not ensued and the scale tilts one-sided.

7. Prejudice

Nothing breeds stagnation like the mental attitude of prejudice. Prejudice hinders the mind from being open and receptive. Opportunities pass without notice because they are clothed in strange unfamiliar forms. Intolerance stagnate the flow of all incoming prompting. Prejudice is a mind sickness that persist because the cure is simply opening up the mind to new currents.

8. Insufficient Education

We need a degree of exposure to function properly. There are areas that affect our welfare from politics to economics, business, technology, science, medicine and more. When we are not aware of their impact we lag behind. An educated person stand a better chance of getting what they want to an uneducated person who knows nothing of the tools available. Some people stop learning when they are certified; such can lead to stagnation because knowledge should be updated.

9. Lack Of Resilience

Nothing in life come on a platter of gold only what you inherited or stole. Dreams materialize through a process of time, work, learning, resilience and focus. Many grow impatient with the process and quit, while few are committed in giving the continuous effort it takes to arrive at their goals. Those that have the habit of quitting when things get tough will never reach their goals because nothing come easy without tests of patience, resilience and focus.

10. Wrong Selection Of Mate In Marriage

Cohabiting with someone not compatible, not cooperative, with no sense of driven purpose is a misfortune. Wrong selection of marriage mate brings unhappiness. Learn to test the waters, the character, the ideas, the ideals, the stability to find similarities and differences before committing.

These are just ten to name a few; you can add more causes of stagnation that affects or affected your life and those of others you have witnessed.

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