Pilgrim Of Emptiness

There is a music that has no sound, my soul is restless for such silent music.

There is a love that transcend the body, my heart long for such unembodied love.

There is a truth which has no form, my being yearn for this formless truth.

When gladness glides the lake as a gentle breeze, warm breath of love is felt.

When the sky is blue and clear, fog of doubt melts away.

The lake, the lotus, the mountains dwell in harmony, a world of bliss.

When the heart thirst so much for peace, one day you come face to face with what ends turmoil.

Pray! Strive! Wait! A journey of a thousand miles is covered by small steps, so don’t lose heart.

I want these words to ring in your ears, to carry you into that space where everything is silent.

To become a pilgrim of emptiness.

Copyright 2020 © Love of Wisdom Blog

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