It’s Your Choice


It takes only a moment to make the wrong choice and jeopardize your future. What seems like an insignificant decision today can have a great lasting impact on your future. Immediate gratification always hamper the future, when you do the things you don’t like today, you may spare yourself trouble tomorrow. When you choose to eat healthy and keep junk food minimum, you build a healthy body that will benefit you long term. It is never easy to make the right choices, that is why few people make them.

Successful individuals in every endeavor made the right choices sometime in their lives. If they hadn’t so many of the innovation we enjoy today wouldn’t have been. Self discipline is not something the average Joe’s like, it is the most boring topic for their minds. The life of discipline can look so boring on the outside, just like looking at a photo of Albert Einstein, so bland and unappealing but that individual vibrated authenticity on the mental level; he discovered what the average Joe’s couldn’t due to years of practicing self discipline.

Each choice we make sets a precedent and when you make the same wrong choices in a row, it becomes your standard “modus operandi”. No wonder people keep falling into the same pattern and such pattern repeat itself for decades. A man comes into possession of a substantial sum of money, the first thing he thinks about is his beloved instant gratifications. Such opportunity goes by without him making the choice toward financial independence. Without practice of self restraint the right choices will always get drowned to poor choices.

Hamburgers are delicious and so is a huge bowl of fruity ice cream; but the overall impact on your health when taken regularly is detrimental. People desire to lose weight but the appetite is greater than the motivation. The choice is theirs to make, whenever they see their favorite junk food they can throw self discipline out of the window or practice self restraint toward the development of a healthy body through diet and exercise.

Whenever you are faced between exerting self discipline and taking it easy, remind yourself that the choices you are making today doesn’t affect the present moment alone. The self initiative and discipline you develop today can give you a very comfortable life in the near future. The sacrifices you painfully make today can build up pleasures in the future that will give you more than any immediate gratification can give.

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