Self Control

Self control is what separates us from animals, it is the capacity to restrain our impulses, resist temptations that diminish us, do what is right and good; not what we want to do. Self control in fact is what makes us civilized human beings.

We all have the power to act against our unproductive urges in exchange for a better life. Immediate response without much reasoning is the cause for many person’s downfall both social and economic. When you give in to every urge never bothering about what lies ahead; you alone will live the effect of such reckless lifestyle.

Caving into temptations whenever you feel them emerge relinquishes self control. As creatures capable of self awareness, we have the ability and obligation to make decisions that are based on rational thinking, not on our basic instinct alone. Because we feel something does not mean we must act on it. Bring such feeling to the rational level and see if they bring about progress in the long run.

Strive to become better at self control instead of succumbing to the most primal part of the brain. The primal part of the brain produce thrilling thoughts and feelings that tempt us to become short sighted in matters concerning cause and effect. Without self control people smoke five packs of cigarettes a day, eat like there is no tomorrow, have sexual relationships with just anyone, break vows of commitment for immediate pleasure that will cost them future happiness.

The benefits of self control are enormous but the practice very difficult. Self control is the narrow way that always pays off in the long run. Where other people have defiled themselves due to their lack of self control, those that practice self control retain conscious control of their lives.

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