Uncertainty Of Things

They that boast of the certainty of things are fated to have the worst journey through time.

I saw a man rejoicing over fortune only to be hit by misfortune before his joy had settled.

Infatuation lead people to fleeting happiness and as time wane they find themselves unhappy. All the sweet memories soon fade as though they never happened.

We are better off children at heart only to find ourselves in bondage when we lose childlikeness.

The world is not a waiting place, those that wait for things to happen are like stones, they will be kicked to unknown destinations.

What is easy today become difficult tomorrow and what is difficult today become easy tomorrow. Always place difficulty before ease not the other way around.

You won’t have peace because you desire peace, you will find peace when you are comfortable with all the layers of change and uncertainty.

Those that accept they are weak build strength against temptations, those that think they are strong flounder when tested.

Keep the feeling of shame alive and you know when you are going astray. Feeling of shame safeguard morality.

Evil knocks at every door, those that open without discrimination will be overwhelmed by monstrosities.

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  1. Powerful and insightful! I have written recently on my website an article titled “The Art of Living In Uncertain Times” explaining that uncertainty is the condition that impels man to unfold his powers. I discuss the concept of “Black Swan” made popular by the author Nassim Taleb and that the solution is to make yourself antifragile – https://authorjoannereed.net/living-in-uncertain-times/. Feel Free to check it out!

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