Unessential Necessities


Examine yourself to find out what is needed and what is it you can live without. We live in a world where luxuries of the past are now common necessities and people feel they cannot live without the internet, YouTube, Facebook, MTV, ESPN, KFC, movies, cannabis, alcohol and cringe at the thought of these things taken from them because they feel miserable without them. The truth is that we can live perfectly well without many of these things, but we wouldn’t know which when we never try to live without them sometimes.

People believe they deserve luxuries and amusements, in fact they feel that without certain things in their lives they cannot be happy. But the problem with mistaking luxuries for necessities is that it’s impossible to develop powerful self discipline if you need a lot of luxury and diversion to function. Still cannot live without PlayStation for a while, still cannot ignore match- day for something worthwhile, still cannot switch off the phone while on a date, still cannot feel good without considerable amount of likes and comments on social media.

Periodically try living without something that you consider a necessity. It will benefit you in many ways. First you will voluntarily put yourself in an uncomfortable situation that will help you out of your comfort zone and develop mental resilience. Secondly you will discover whether you really need this thing in your life and if you find you don’t, it would provide food for thought as to how many other things in your life are in fact not as important as you thought they were.

There are a lot of unessential necessities we have to eliminate from our lives to give room for what is essentially necessary. I have realized that major sport events around the world are not a necessity to watch and what happens in the sport world really can go on without my notice. I have also realized that most of the things I feel I cannot live without limit my potential and thwart my focus in attainment of realistic goals. Reading good books when less engaged is better in the long run to spending the evening at a seedy bar, watching endless TV shows or consorting unproductive company.

Finally, you increase your ability to feel happy with less, including being happy in a situation when you are deprived of something involuntarily.

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