Seat Of Mockery

They that mock others pretending they have it easy, weep secretly in the dungeon prison of their lonely hearts.

It is same for everyone, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, skilled and unskilled, life pose the same struggle and temptation.

The only thing special is what you don’t have, a destitute sees a cast away hut and rejoices over a home; a wealthy fellow at the entrance of his beautiful mansion feels disgusted and bored.

Mountain goats walk dangerous terrains and feel at home, but a fool that walks dangerous terrains and feel at home meet with a headlong fall.

Pretend to be what you are not and you fool everyone for a while; in the process you become not only a buffoon but a permanent failure.

Season and time govern every life, when your time have not arrived be patient, do not covert and envy.

Laughter can intend joy or mockery. When laughter is crooked it emanate from a miserable heart, when laughter ring with mirth it emanate from a heart filled with joy.

A discontent wife sees her husband and scoff, but the good for nothing in her eyes is the object of desire of another strange woman.

Rich men may never know who love them unconditionally, the only way to find out is to pretend you are broke. One after the other people will begin to mock and go away and you may be surprised who they may actually be.

Only when you become immune to mockery can you really have a volition of your own and live life in an authentic way.

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