The Unexpected

Always begin with uncertainty, never be too confident about outcomes, the best and worst are interwoven in human experience.

Power of choice is lessened to the extent of wrongdoings. Those that stand strong during moral testings find new routes to greater freedom.

Every word written is valuable to someone be it inspiring or degrading. People will seek inspiration as much as people will seek degeneration.

Education makes people very knowledgeable but not very wise, that is why greed persist in the human heart.

Children parents exalt early on above other siblings end up bringing reproach to them, but those that were thought little of become well adjusted in the long run.

When the rooster is cornered it make leap for the eye, when a domestic cat sense menace sharp claws are called upon. And so when a man or woman is pushed to the wall savage reaction is the outcome.

You may feel you need do a lot to humiliate your enemies, but the smile on your face, the composure in your attitude and the acceptance of who and where you are already humiliates them.

Trying to impress people is like trying to make full an open ended funnel with quick sand, the more sand you add into the broad opening the more you lose to the narrow exit.

Beautiful women take you for granted when they find no rival, but when she finds a bevy of beautiful women vying for your attention, she will cherish you the more.

Take full control of your life, other people are willing to do that for you. Where they will lead you to may not be where you want to end up.

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