Eye Of The Needle

Between intelligence and discipline I always go for discipline, claim on intelligence make the mind conceited, but discipline is more practical and needs a process.

Do not pursue your own ruin wearing the mask of progress. Progress should simultaneously be an outward and inward endeavor, when all you seek is outward prosperity you will soon come to a standstill.

Make money the common cause that bind people together and such fellowship will have a treacherous ending. When love is the cement that bind people together such will be a fellowship of joy.

You invite trouble into your life when you compete silly and compare yourself with other people. Most of the good things found in other people’s experiences are not relevant in yours.

A mango tree provides fruit in season and is unperturbed when out of season. The life of a man is similar only that men are greatly perturbed when out of season.

Women desire to be enveloped in love and warmth; but her adversary the rake comes with dashing chivalry and sweet promises only to abandon her at the gate of Shangri-la.

In a village in Uganda when a young man sleeps with the wife of an elder, his skin is perforated and he is hanged to a tree. Every cry of pain mingled with blood is believed to remove such evil from his heart.

Examine yourself to see if you find one real thing in your character or do you believe life is just a game. For many persons only their death will be the first real thing that will happen to them.

Live in such a way that you are prepared for anything, life is not all roses, there will someday be carpet of thorns we have to walk through which will leave scars under our feets.

Can you win without boasting and lose without squealing, such is the mark of true sportsmanship and a noble philosophy to adopt while living.

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