Lure To Greed

Struggle, fight, shed blood to have it, struggle, fight, shed blood to keep it; such are basic for the life of greed.

It offers the quickest solution out of impending troubles, but greed is a hand that gives while the other stealthily takes; leaving nothing but added woes.

Treat those that have money like god’s and those without it like scums; when the tables turn slaves will demand the masters to kneel.

Life of greed is for people who do not abide in grace and in their desperation of the things that sustain they cheat and are cheated.

Your wife is no longer pretty, she weigh like a cattle, hang out with the slender waitress and rediscover your youth; such is the lure to greed.

Your clothes and shoes are shabby and the sweetest adulation eludes you, is it not better to sacrifice honor for nice things and shame for appealing splendor; such is the lure to greed.

A man’s eyes light up at the mention of plausible monetary gain, but that same eyes reek boredom at the instruction to virtue.

Forgive me if I am not rich in gold and lands, for I have chosen wisdom as my priceless wealth. All that I need is given daily with a little extra that keeps me laughing.

The path to Eldorado is littered with corpses, a country of fabulous riches that has never been found. Every heart that seek for it find corruption in extreme.

Greed grants power, riches and fame to those that ardently follow its cause, but you will be cursed to desire more and more and more; until everything is finally taken away from you.

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