9 Ideas That Misguide

bad idea

1. Your parents made you and are completely responsible for your life and decisions.

Such ideas produce youths who blame their parents for where they are in life. They believe if their parents where rich and powerful things would have been smooth for them. Never realizing parents are only temporary helpers. Such individuals evade being responsible for their actions and feel the consequences fall on their parents. Truth be told, everyone is responsible for himself or herself and whatever parents did or did not really does not matter. You are to make the most of your life.

2. Older people are always helpful and wiser.

Older people can be helpful or destructive. Be careful not to surrender to the wrong Influence. I read on mobile news a few days back of an elderly woman who approached two younger girls at a refugee camp at the North East region of Nigeria. Due to the persisting war the girls lost contact with both their parents during an attack by insurgents. The elderly woman approached them if they cared about a job in the south east part of the country and the girls seeing an opening to leave such horrible condition as refugees consented. To cut the story short the elderly woman sold them both as sex slaves who give birth to children that were sold for profit. Sounds terrible but they fell to wrong elderly influence without healthy skepticism

3. Hurry it’s getting late.

You have probably heard this said to you at one time or another, it could have be on issues concerning marriage, employment, acquisition and more. You were pressured toward what was basically out of your reach temporarily and needed time. In such instance the worst you can do is panic, when you panic you make fatal decisions out of desperation. You marry the wrong person just for peace to reign, you put up with any job just to make your own money, and you acquire things that are not necessary. The end result is stagnation. Always remember life is not a race and timing differs for everyone.

4. People owe you a lot.

Laziness is the most paralyzing sickness of the mind. It breeds a kind of idleness in thinking that make people believe they are owed an existence. We all have two eyes, two hands, two feet and a brain for the purpose of doing things for ourselves. The biggest mistake you make as an adult is not discovering your life task, that something that keep you ever motivated, growing and learning. Nobody owes you squat not even the government, the less entitled you are the more productive you become to yourself and your nation.

5. Professing religious beliefs makes people righteous.

Uprightness is not something you get by just reading the holy scripture of your respective religion. It takes something more and that is practice in the daily arena of life. Words come so easily, it is simple to memorize the whole words in a holy book than to practice just one of the universal truths found therein. Professing religious beliefs can be a cover up for many shortcomings and an easy way to manipulate people. Put everyone’s character to test even the so called religious leaders, whatever is revealed is what they truly are.

6. You must be entertained.

This Era has a subtle undertone to it that seem to say: “if you are not fully entertained you are not living”. There is a flood of entertainment all around us, you could possibly fall below such current and get drowned. Entertainment has gotten so cheap it is now accessible to everyone. Music, movies, games are in floods like never before and all you need is a phone, console, tablet or computer. Try to balance entertainment with study, meditation and routine work in order to cultivate peace when alone.

7. Surplus is everything: if you don’t have a million dollars you just ain’t worth it.

A lot of people won’t have your time if they don’t perceive surplus in your life. Rock a pair of shoes for several months and some folks will start side talking about your dumb style. They nurture bias in their minds that hinder them from seeing various circumstance and phase in people’s lifestyles. There is nothing wrong with surplus but the truth is that human condition differ for different people as they need for their personal development. Those that rock a pair of shoe today can have 600 pairs tomorrow, if you doubt this you may ask Mariah Carey.

8. Life is hard.

Without proper understanding and obedience to the laws found in the universe we make mistakes that will make our lives harder. Some of these laws include the Law of reciprocity. Law of homogeneity. Law of constant movement toward wholeness. All the laws of the universe are found in the natural world but very few pay close attention to nature. When you strive to align with most of the laws in the universe you will naturally reach a point of surrender, where your personal will is replaced with cosmic intentions of harmony.

9. Everyone will someday die.

The body will be given up someday because of the law of decay, but not the consciousness of the individual. Life moves from one form to another either to progress or retrogress. All the traits of the individual is retained in consciousness, thereby if you are a swindler the death of your body will not put an end to such propensity. You will continue living the life of a swindler in another form. To also note something important suicide does not end troubles it only worsens them, because it is a crime to end life prematurely. Waiting to die is in fact stupidity, you are not the body; you are the consciousness evolving or deteriorating.

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