Growth Build Inner Stability

Negativity has root in resisting growth in one’s life, no one is here to sit in a feathered nest with no challenge that demand growth and improvement. The moment our focus in life becomes seeking security rather than seeking growth, we start creating resistance within ourselves. Seeking permanent security on the outside is impossible because the foundation of physical life is change, nothing is stable on the outside. The stability we seek has to be inner stability and from such inner stability we explore the outside world in all its instabilities.

Attaining inner stability is the first step and a prerequisite to begin exploring life. When you don’t have inner stability you will not be fearless toward the dynamic movement of change, hence you will constantly resist your growth and improvement. Life is a journey of growth which requires awareness, understanding and courage to step outside the enslavement of limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions toward freedom.

Chasing security is what keeps us in constant state of insecurity. Have you ever noticed how someone seeking security in a relationship is the one who becomes needy out of fear of losing his or her partner and this neediness eventually kills the relationship with more insecurities insuring. When we label challenges negative we do not accept the opportunity for growth but start fighting our life situation which only make matters worse.

Do you struggle to change your life situation instead of allowing the inner change that the situation is trying to instill. If your situation is creating feelings of insecurity and negativity its a call to grow toward inner stability. When you reach a place of inner stability you never stop growing, only forever unleashing the power of personal creativity and advancement.

People misunderstand what inner stability is, they believe it is a state of permanent joy where all problems are ended. Stability is the ability to allow what happens, it’s not about reaching some place of permanent joy, a life of no challenges; rather stability in its true sense is allowing the world to take its full swing at you while you find a way to grow and become tougher. So embrace pain, loss, discomfort, insult, rejection as part of the growing process.

Your life situation right now is just a school for your growth; nothing more, nothing less. Don’t label anything as horrible, lackful, frustrating, pathetic or hopeless just pass through them seeking personal improvement. A matured mind always look at life situations good and bad as an avenue for growth. We all signed up for this growth journey at birth and within ourselves know earthly life provide us with the best platform. So instead of asking: why is this happening to me, understand it is part of the journey leading toward inner stability.

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