Rinpoche Of Africa

Destiny cannot be omitted through struggle and will power. Only inner transformation in attitude can shape it to a great extent.

Believe it or not when your incentive for creativity is tied on money, fame and power you dilute the uplifting nature of such expressions. People will notice your work but it will not elevate their consciousness.

When you have trained yourself to observe people rightly they hardly fool you. Humans are the natural opposite of what they say or profess; instead trust what they make you feel.

Relativity govern the human thought. What is pleasant to one is unpleasant to another, what is beautiful to one is ugly to another, what seem straight to one is crooked to another.

The wheel of birth and death offer no easy release but the equanimity one maintain under both is the door to freedom. Indifference to birth and death conditions lead to the discovery of immortal Soul.

If life is bland in your twenties it can become exciting in your thirties, if life is bland in your thirties it can become exciting in your forties; the best of the best are always available and only gets better with time.

We all have our share of trouble, humiliation and tribulation to pass through daily; just like we all have our different outlet for joy, prosperity and fulfillment.

True love is never reckless it sees with clear eyes of discrimination; it is the shadow of love that is reckless and that shadow is the pull of infatuation.

The door to peace is found only at this very moment. The peace, prosperity and joys of yesterday can never surpass the peace found at this very moment.

True wealth is knowing what you have and adding to it. Poverty is not knowing what you have and always knowing what others have.

When I was a child I spoke like one, behaved like one, reasoned like one; now that I am in the light, I have shed those things.

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