Free Will And Responsibility

In the old evolutionary stages, in slavery society, in feudal systems, the ordinary man was not free enough. In his private choices, for example choosing of profession or marital partner he was subjected to the will of his master or authority in his family. But with the evolution of man and society free will has flowered simultaneously in diverse areas of life.

It is surprising during these times of liberty many do not want to use their free will. It is still convenient for others to decide for them. The ability to make independent decision is connected with free will and from this the responsibility of consequences. Be it consciously or not many people do not want to use their free will to evade the consequences or blame that should be placed on the leader, master or authority.

For others they do just the opposite, without sound reasoning and piecing good advice together they jump into rash and impulsive actions. They do not know that the consequences they have to bear will be harder than the easy rash decisions. Warnings, advice, other people’s experiences and personal knowledge should aid anyone in making sound decisions.

There are those that don’t believe in free will because they are governed by fate and predestination. They just sit and wait for things to happen as planned avoiding active participation in their lives. They are indolent in believing life is not under their control and the evil and good they perform have no consequences because it is not their own doing. Such is the peak of stupidity and such weakness should be overcome by recognizing we are all the architect of our destinies.

If you suffer from the lack and use of free will, first of all ask yourself the cause of such limitation. Perhaps you are not prepared to be active but prefer being forced or coaxed by others to do things. Consider how others exploit you and how you are never made to live life in your own way. Do you not realize the suffering you go through because of the lack of free will.

Only the full swing exercise of free will, taking full responsibility of all areas of your life can lead to a life of balance.

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