Law Of Covetousness

The human mind is hard wired in discontent and we may find ourselves desiring what other people have as qualities or possessions. The way we go about such stimulus determine how we progress or destroy ourselves. We humans complement each other and what we lack is always found in another. We can either let this law work for us or against us. Until we realize we are magnets that attract all we want to ourselves we must be content to operate under this law.

Covetousness has uses to the human animal. To compare oneself with others can lead one to recognise qualities that are not yet inherent in their nature. The law of covetousness works in a dual nature of positive and negative. The positive pushes people toward growth, just as when a writer comes across a great work, it forces him into a new realization that he can improve on his work. The negative part breed in him animosity, envy which can poison the faculty of reason and push him to disturbing actions.

Life seem to be highly competitive because we are all in the business of survival but we all come in with unique characteristics that makes us fit into the seemingly harsh world. Coveting the good aspect of peoples lives, the hard work, discipline, focus, integrity can inspire us toward improvement because the brain has an “imitation to grow” aspect to it. We find ourselves imitating courage, calm and resilience that we observe in others. We covet such qualities and we fake them until we grow them.

Discontent is part of human nature because we have a constant longing to upgrade, improve and not remain stagnant and to see others doing so when we are not can breed ill feelings. Covetousness can serve as a stimulus for improvement and should be seen as such. The mind will always try to compare but we must gear it into productive and realistic purposes only. The dark side of covetousness should be outgrown, the envy and wicked competitiveness which is eating away our morals.

Destroy the fear of people being ahead of you. Learn what you have to learn in order to grow because people are upgrading, learning and expanding and you will not have to look forward and harbor ill feelings towards anyone moving at lightning speed. Be open and sensitive to know what will take you to your next level. We may feel a tad resentful when we see others at levels we are not but remember it is only human nature and we can go about it in a positive way.

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