To submit is the hardest thing for any mind to do, since the mind like to maintain its independence or ignorant independence that is based on the sensation and what grossly revolves around it. The human mind works autonomously and absolutely hates to be told what to do, if you honestly want to live that way you will be deficient in a whole lot of ways. The human mind is fragmented and bias, it is incomplete by nature that is why we need to learn and be open to proper influence.

We term an uneducated person someone that is not open to proper influence and ideas that have come down from other developed minds. Mind need other minds to grow because other minds may have gone where our mind have never been. We see this accurately in the area of perspective, our perspective can be so narrow that it never allows us to act without bias, but we may come across a person, a book, a lecture that takes us beyond the limit our mind could not have reached by itself.

Submissiveness is very important if mind seeks to grow. Without submissiveness people argue senselessly, rebel against proper authority, do things as it pleases them out of shortsightedness only to put the blame on someone or something else. When a child cannot submit to the authority of the parent he or she will have a very difficult life ahead because they will find it very difficult to learn and improve on themselves. Children that oppose what they are told to do that is only for their benefit, who find it difficult to temporarily align to the rules of the home create nasty realities for themselves.

People find it very difficult to submit to someone, something or an idea, they feel it reduces them to slaves or to be at the whim of others, but all those that really know what life here is about will tell you there are moments when you have to be submissive. Human society is built on hierarchy, you must somehow be under someone be it a boss, parent or the law. A husband that refuses to submit momentarily to the influence of his wife will soon have a very difficult woman to deal with, a wife that cannot submit to her husband will soon fall out of favor and even lose her place of affection to strange women.

There are instances where you have to play the fool and accept it, you are not really the fool but you are playing it cool for the long term. There are endeavors you may engage in but those around you don’t seem to understand, there are decisions you may take that looks awkward to others but will pay in the long run, there are petty fights you need to ignore not because you are weak but because you don’t want to get distracted.

To grow we have to be willing to learn and to submit yourself to the proper influence. There are a lot of living persons out there who can shape and better our lives but we don’t recognize the positive influence and we remain the same even after an encounter. Parents are there for children and if as a child or adolescent you fail to imbibe what you are taught you may regret it later on. Friends are there to broaden our perspective but if you see some of them as common pals you may miss out on the improvement. Bosses and teachers are ahead of you in all aspect of the job or field, all you have to do is listen and take instructions.

Personal pride should be tossed aside because it can hinder our growth in many ways. Personal pride prevent us from learning and growing because we feel we don’t need to grow and improve. You can’t thrive without growth be it inward or outward. If you ever desire to understand all that you experience, observe or read then you have to submit yourself to the experience, the observation and the knowledge found in the book. The reason why people are so dense in reason, thought and action even after an education is simply because they find it difficult to submit to anything better and beneficial.

The benefits of submissiveness are numerous and the most important of them is that you are open and humble enough to learn because you realize you have a lot of things to bring into personal awareness. Awareness is what allows us to live in a conscious manner, to avoid the pitfalls of the day and to strengthen our character. Learning is an endless process and most times people will serve as agents of growth and improvement, we must recognize this and be ready to submit ourselves to instruction, guidance and wisdom that will broaden our lives.

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