Life In Circles

Nothing is lost in the universe, old solar systems disintegrate into solar rays, old star bodies disintegrate for new ones to emerge.

We are the child of our parents and we will be the parent of our children. The hand that was once held will grow someday into a firm hand that will hold another.

Everything changes and will keep on changing continuously. Once upon a time dinosaurs, mammoths used to rule this planet but now we humans rule the planet.

The kind of seed you sow will produce the kind of fruit you will eat. Those who do good will reap good results. Those who do evil will reap evil results.

There is happiness in this life, there is family and friendship, wealth and health of body, accomplishment and victory; but a day will come when one loses them all.

Suffering is indeed found everywhere, when born we cry, when sick we endure discomfort, when old we experience loss of bodily functions and when we die someone dear feel sorrow for our departure.

Compassion is an important quality in human life, without compassion we cannot understand one another, we fight one another heaping more miseries on ourselves.

Take care of yourself and seek to be more than just a help to others. Be an example of how to live for others and you will create waves of possibilities that inspire others to do the same.

Becoming keenly aware of your own impermanence will help you seek harmony while living. If you live life acting like you are never going to die, you won’t have peace on any level.

Giving is more than the act of Christmas, birthdays and ceremonial gifts. It’s about those gifts which we don’t see as gifts at all. We give to receive therefore be careful what you give and what you withhold to give.

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