Restoring Lost Family Tradition

Parenting is indeed a noble station and the big question remains what are you someday going to leave behind for society. Are you preparing to leave behind well adjusted offsprings that will contribute positively or are you going to leave behind threats to social harmony that other people will have to deal with.

It is disturbing what some parents are impacting to their children, a lot of children are brimmed with anger waiting to unleash on society. Instead of family members to be a source of inspiration and protection they are terrors, opponents, enemies that seek to destroy each other. Many parents are laboring in vain because the family they are trying so hard to sustain is crumbling from inside out.

It is easy to provide food, clothes, shelter but is there unity, growing together, grooming, learning, and above all a collective sense of purpose. The idea parenthood is seriously under threat of looking like a caricature. The noble calling is now being infiltrated by clowns and pretenders who seek to degrade the noble station. Nowadays, many homes are no longer safe places because of the serious enmity between family members.

Husband’s have become an enemy of the wife, parents have become an enemy of the offsprings, uncles, aunts come into the scene to wreck further havoc. There is so much hatred, anger, bitterness in some homes to the extent people are no longer talking to each other or worst trying to harm each other. Envy, jealousy run riot in those families making people afraid of accomplishing notable things in life for fear of becoming a threat to family members.

In West Africa little children are tagged witches and warlocks, they are cast away from the home into the streets to fend for themselves without the proper maturity. It’s a shame that those parents don’t realize what parenting is really about, they are more interested in the pleasure of sex than in the pain of training, protecting and providing for their children.

Some fathers do whatsoever they please, some mothers do whatsoever they please, their children have followed suit to also do as they please. The reason for such disgusting attitude is a lack of vision within the family unit. Such parents lead by chance not by knowledge and proper conduct. Few families have visions for what everyone is to be like in morals, conduct, spirit of excellence and more.

Good family values must be guarded and passed down from generation to generation. Family is about character where each offspring is trained to be an immense contribution to society. With such strong family character instilled, when a member temporarily goes astray they will still be able to find the right track which is so familiar.

There are fathers who still believe the female child is not as important as the male. They invest little or nothing on the female and all on the male. When the female finally slips into a very disturbing and wayward lifestyle the father will say: “I always knew that girls are worthless.” Some are eager for the female child to grow up for them to sell into marriages without proper parental love, training and support. Such is a corrupt and devilish way of life.

Children are blessings that will someday support you in old age but some parents still do not value them enough. They teach their children how to be beggars, how to demarcate and tussle over land, how to be hostile, how to intimidate and bully others weaker than themselves and all these attributes are shown by their own conduct in display. They feel they are just children not knowing that they possess watchful eyes.

Are you the type that have a dirty habit of insulting your children and name calling them; thief, prostitute, good for nothing, if this is the case you probably don’t deserve them as your children. Many children are victims of abuse from their own parents. We have reached a point where we must begin to search ourselves to become aware what we do as parents. It does not matter how much your child has messed up or disappointed you, it is still your role as father and mother to protect and restore.

Parents too may be carrying bitterness and disappointments in their hearts that also stems from bad upbringing. You can put an end to such destructive family cycle and release every hurt of the past. Swear not to end up like your unaware parents. Let your home become a place of protection, growth and love for your children and when they are beaten up by the world they may have a place to come and restore.

Create a peaceful family before you leave this earth and you will have done a great service; in such peaceful and stable environment you may raise world changers as offsprings.

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