Place Of Wild Things

Choose to become more concerned with growth and those needs such as food, clothes, shelter, entertainment will begin to orchestrate themselves.

When you make an inner decision to grow those around you will sense it. Some may not like it because they feel you will soon reach a point of disassociating with them.

You can have anything if only you are willing to go through the equivalent process. Every desire is a fulfillment in itself; but one out of every five persons is vested in self discipline.

Not all of your work and creative endeavors will speak to everyone all the time. Some of your work and creative endeavors will speak only to few persons, accept that realization and keep being creative.

Many people are not serious about understanding life, they just hover in superficiality. Suddenly their father or mother dies, they lose a child, someone breaks their heart and out of the blue sky they are now desperate to understand life.

Children are fluid and less anxious because they have no fixed way of doing things, the castles they build painstakingly on the sea shore will get destroyed; but they keep enjoying the moment.

There is joy in the ordinary; with a table, a chair, a bed, a plate of food, good friends, laughter; tell me, what else does a man really need to be happy?

A quiet life, being useful to oneself and others, being easy on oneself and others, the love of books, music and nature; tell me, what else does a man need to be happy?

On my journey toward stillness, I have come to a place of wild things. On my journey toward wholeness, I have come to a place of still waters.

To find joy in life one must rise above the fleeting ecstasy of making a good living; true joy is not found in acquisition of things; it is found within you.

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