The Seer

I see them in work clothes, with scars of struggle, laboring through life worn and without rest.

I see them heavy with burden of needs and cares; strained by ambition to reach the top.

I see them walking the street with hope of becoming somebody someday, moving with dreams waiting to be realized.

I see pain too deep for words to express, a pool of bitter memories half asleep.

I see the earth lamenting with the memories of trees long cut and it’s surface with blood and bodies of wounded and dead animals.

I see children losing their freedom of imagination to rules that don’t always apply to their reality.

I see young men eager to go to the battlefront to win honor and rank; only to die on the field and are forgotten.

I see the love between a man and a woman has remained incomplete, yet only sacrifice and devotion can make it complete.

I see party leaders and politicians favoring themselves while the masses go about in dissatisfaction.

An eye witnesses the tidings of the era and realizes that societies need more of selfless and compassionate citizens to more of educated and sophisticated people.

Copyright 2020 © Love of Wisdom Blog

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